Sewer Lines

Regular sewer rehabilitation and replacement works project as the used water from households, industries and commercial premises island-wide is collected and conveyed via an extensive sewerage reticulation system located underground for treatment at water reclamation plants (WRPs) which over time, these sewers may suffer damage from wear and tear, ground movement, tree root intrusion, etc. that may cause used water to leak from the sewers and pollute waterways, canals and reservoirs.



Swee Hong Engineering Construction Pte Ltd – T2136 Sewer Diversion at Springleaf Station

Scope of Works:

  • Rock breaking using Chemical Cartridge

Project Start/End:  Oct 2014 – Mar 2015



Ley Choon Group Holding Limited – Contract 2119A – Sewer Diversion Works (Package A)

Scope of Works:

  • Rock Blasting using Explosives with Electric Detonators
  • Rock Breaking using Chemical Cartridges

Project Start/End:  Feb 2014 – Jul 2015