Soil Nailing and Slope Stabilisation

driling-for-soilnailThe principal of soil nailing is to provide tensile and shear resistance within the soil by drilling or driving passive steel bar, carbon fibre and mechanical systems in a close grid to form a stable gravity structure.

Soil nailing is an adaptable form of slope stabilisation in soil and has developed significantly from early uses as temporary construction support to being used in permanent retaining structures and slope repairs.

Knights Synergy’s capability and growing experience is unrivalled in Singapore delivering soil nailing projects utilising high capacity crawler rigs, remote control masts and specially mounted rigs for difficult access slopes.

Our people know the work and are highly experienced from mobilisation through to execution of the works. With extensive technical knowledge, people and resources, Knights Synergy provides a complete ground engineering service ensuring client design compliance.

Micro Piling

Where access is restricted or heavy plant used for conventional deep foundation systems is prohibited, foundations may be constructed and strengthened using micro piles which provide an alternative to traditional methods with minimal vibration and noise pollution.

Micro piles generally have a diameter between 100 and 300mm and can be constructed with reinforcing cages, circular hollow sections or grouted with a centralised bar achieving high compressive and tensile working loads.

Micro piles can be used in most types of soils and typical applications in confined spaces, noise and vibration restricted areas include; Construction of high capacity small diameter piles, underpinning or strengthening of existing structures, upgrading of existing floor slabs resisting hydrostatic up-lift pressures, slope stabilisation works, construction of shored or un-shored retaining walls and upgrading of existing roads & piers.

The team at Knights Synergy have installed various types of micro piles with many constructed in confined spaces in the transport corridor, where safety has been an underlying factor.

Pressure Relief and Recharge Wells

In terms of ground water removal, we have installed bored wells to lower the ground water levels reducing the build up of pore water pressure. Conversely we have installed bored wells which help to maintain the water levels within the ground by utilising water tanks supplying the appropriate head of water to meet design requirements.

Knights Synergy has the capacity to install wells dozens of metres deep into soil or rock with powerful drilling plant and in confined spaces. We have experience installing drainage systems for most civil engineering applications, and have completed installations which improve stability on unstable or vulnerable land masses or construction sites.

Rock Bolting

The stabilisation of rock faces and slopes utilises a wide variety of techniques such as the application of rock bolts, dowels & shotcrete where high tensile mesh is not preferred. To ensure a practical design and ongoing safety of these slopes and cuttings a sound knowledge of geological structure, rock mechanics and hydro geology will need to be applied.

Rock dowels & bolts are used to pin the fractured rock and exposed cuttings preventing toppling and rotational failure and sliding, buckling and bursting when underground.

Knights Synergy has extensive work experience on small to medium sized projects on LTA/MRT projects in Singapore.

Cross Passage

Cross passages are connection tunnels between the two tunnels and are along the tunnel alignment. Cross passages are required to be constructed for a certain length of underground metro tunnels to provide for emergency and maintenance access. In general, a cross passage is either built between two tunnels, or can be connected between the tunnel and surface level, more commonly known as an escape shaft.


Shotcrete is usually a term used for both the wet-mix and dry-mix versions. However, the term “shotcrete” refers to wet-mix and “gunite” to dry-mix. Shotcrete is concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface and compacted at the same time during operation. Due to the force with which it leaves the nozzle, it can be sprayed onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas. It can be further reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibres (steel or synthetic) for stabilisation in applications such as slopes or tunnelling

Knights Synergy has the experience in shotcrete operations and has been involved in tunnelling projects and slope stabilisation works. Our state of the art equipment’s and team of professionals will ensure quality service with the best outcome