Our Partners

Tenaga Kimia Sdn Bhd


Knights Synergy is the sole agent for Tenaga Kimia Sdn Bhd (TKSB) explosive products in Singapore. TKSB is one of the leading supplier of a complete range of up-to-date blasting products, bulk charging services for surface and underground blasting work and other technical services such as IBD (Integrated Blast Dynamic) services in South East Asia and specific countries outside the region.

Being one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of emulsion explosives, EMULEX® and non-electric detonators, NONEL®, TKSB caters to all its customers’ needs and maintains a philosophy of being a total solutions provider to its users. TKSB is accredited with ISO 9001 Management System.

Austin Powder International


Austin Powder is a long established manufacturer of explosives and initiation systems for industrial blasting applications. The company has important technological and research bases for production and further development of both of these products.

Detonator production is centred in Austin Detonator, based in Vsetin in the Czech Republic. Production at this location dates back to 1953 when the first industrial detonator was made in this plant. Currently Austin Detonator is one of the leading European manufacturers of initiation systems and is engaged in development, production and distribution of high quality products. Based in Matamoros Mexico, Austin Star Detonator manufactures similar products to the same high standards of safety, quality and precision for markets around the world.

NXCO Mining Technologies


Knights Synergy is the sole agent in South East Asia for Nonex™ low explosive, rock breaking technology cartridges from NXCO Mining Technologies.

Proudly South African company, NXCO Mining Technologies was formed in 2001 to develop and commercialize low-explosive rock breaking technology for use in mining and civil applications globally. The manufacturing plant for Nonex™ propellant based cartridges is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The company has grown from a grass roots company to become a leading developer and global distributor of low-explosive cartridges worldwide.

Nonex™ cartridges have also become synonymous with sensitive rock breaking worldwide!
“The potential for sensitive rock-breaking technology in the fields of civil excavation and mining is vast, and the opportunity exists to create a global business that is able to capitalise on the world-wide trends of denser metropolitan infrastructure with its more stringent rock-breaking constraints, higher environmental standards, reduced tolerance to the effects of conventional blasting and increased security aimed at limiting the availability of high explosives in civilian areas.”