Health & Safety Policy

We, Knights Synergy (S) Pte Ltd, have a strong commitment to Occupational Health & Safety at our workplace and integrate OH&S policies into our daily business operations. We are committed to prevent ill health & injury in and around the workplace and are dedicated to maintain the occupational health & safety of employees, suppliers / contractors, customers, neighbours and interested parties. This commitment is supported by top management and is the individual and collective responsibility of all employees of Knights Synergy (S) Pte Ltd.

We continue to recognise and exercise our responsibility to:
  • conduct ongoing identification of hazards, the assessment of risk, and the implementation of necessary control measures
  • minimise the incident & manage the hazards through continual improvement by conducting OH&S inspection & training regularly.
  • comply with local occupational health & safety legislation and other requirements in order to minimise industrial hazards and risks.
  • provide appropriate occupational health & safety training to persons working for or on behalf of the organisation in order to improve their health & safety.
  • commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance.

We have organised our management resources to execute appropriate activities to meet our Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

Knights Synergy (S) Pte Ltd is responsible to develop its Occupational Health & Safety Objectives & Targets and Occupational Health & Safety Management Programs to meet local statutory and operational requirements. Knights Synergy shall strive for continual improvement in the Occupational Health and Safety performance.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy and OH&S objectives shall be reviewed at least once a year and will be made available to neighbours, public, customers, suppliers and any other interested parties upon request or whenever necessary.


Knights Synergy has attained BizSafe STAR and OHSAS 18001.