Supply & Consultancy

Knights Synergy has the ability to supply the full range of commercial explosives. It includes emulsion, bulk emulsion, ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil), detonating cords, detonators (electric & non-electric) as well as latest technology, the electronic detonators.

The services and supplies we provide are
  • Drill & Blast (Rock Blasting) using Explosives, Non-Explosives (NoneX™) and Mechanical means
  • Explosives Consultancy
  • Explosives Supplies

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Drill & Blast Services

Knights Synergy is a specialist drill and blast company that offers a range of services from the initial drill and blast design to the application of high explosives for a wide range of operations, which includes controlled blasting, tunneling, caverns, shaft sinking, removal of soil anchors and underwater blasting.

With our many years of extensive experience in the blasting industry, we have developed full expertise to assist our clients with all aspect of the blasting operations, providing consultancy and co-ordination for all logistics support, security / manpower supplies and licensing requirement with the relevant agencies and authorities in Singapore from project commencement to project completion.

The services
  • Rock Blasting Using Explosives
  • Rock / Concrete Breaking Using NoneX™ Safety Chemical Cartridges
  • Rock / Concrete Breaking Using Manual Splitting Method

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Geotechnical Services

Knights Synergy has been a leader in geotechnical services and our clients range from construction companies to engaging in government projects. Over the years, Knights Synergy have developed vast experience and our geotechnical engineers have worked on numerous projects. Knights Synergy uses state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering equipment, staff and methods to give you the quality and professional service that may scale down construction time, lower costs and reduce delays.

The services
  • Soil Nailing and Slope Stabilisation
  • Micro Piling
  • Pressure Relief and Recharge Wells
  • Rock Bolting
  • Shotcreting/Guniting
  • Cross Passage

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